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Are you looking for trans swimwear, gender neutral swimwear or non binary swimwear? UNTAG has a range of ftm swimming binders, trans bikinis, and other gender fluid swimwear.

A swim binder or a nonbinary swimsuit?

Not certain which type of FtM swimwear you want? UNTAG offers different types of swimwear: a swim binder, swimming shorts, swimtops, swim singlets, a binder swimsuit or a packing pouch made of swim lycra. The fabric we use to make the swimwear is suitable for swimming.

What’s the difference between a swim binder, a swim singlet and a swim top?

The swim binder, swim singlet and swim top have some similarities, however there are also differences between them. A basic swim binder is a regular chest binder made of the fabric suitable for swimming. The difference between the swim top and the swim singlet is that the swim top has an FtM binder over its entire length. The advanced swim singlet has a short binder hidden on the inside. The binders in both products are hidden underneath the top, making it look like a normal swim shirt or swim singlet.

Swimming trunk for a prosthetic penis

UNTAG also sells swimming shorts with a separate compartment on the inside for your prosthetic penis. The seams of this swimming trunk have been minimized for your comfort. In addition, the model is made in such a way that people with wider hips can wear the swimming trunk comfortably.

Packing pouch for swimming

Do you already have a swimming trunk that you like to wear, but it doesn’t have space for a prosthesis? No worries! With the packing pouch made of swimming lycra you can simply wear your own swimming trunks, but with a packer. This handy pouch is intended for your penis prosthesis and can simply be attached to your swimming trunks.

Trans swimwear MtF

If you are a trans person with male genitalia, you would also want to feel comfortable in a well-fitting transgender bikini or bathing suit while swimming. UNTAG has developed a swimming clothing line that is comfortable, sporty, safe and yet feminine. The tops and swimsuits have separate pockets for your breast prosthetics. In addition, the swimwear has special elastane to hide or tuck your genitals as comfortably and effectively as possible.

Different types of trans swimwear

From MtF bikini to MtF swimsuit to tucking bikini, UNTAG has it all. The different types of swimsuits are outlined below so you can determine which one works best for you.

Trans bikini top

If you prefer to wear a bikini you can choose between two tops: The regular bikini top and the bikini top advanced. The difference between the two tops is that the advanced top has smaller shoulder straps which can also be worn as a halter or crossed over the back.

Trans bikini bottom

The thong, shorts and briefs can all be worn to hide or tuck the penis. If you already have a nice bikini or prefer to wear a different color than black, you can choose to wear the transgender bikini string under a different bikini bottom.

Swimsuit or swimming singlet

If you'd rather not wear a bikini, the MtF swimsuit designed by UNTAG is an all-in-one option for you. The swimsuit tucks away your penis, has space for breast prosthetics and is overall figure correcting. The swimsuit gives you a real feminine waist! A swimming singlet or swimming shirt is great if you prefer to wear a top and a bottom. The swim singlet is a belly-covering top with pouches for your breast forms.

Swim skirt

If you like your genitals to be tucked away even better, you can wear a swimming skirt or bikini skirt over the bikini thong. The skirt does not flatten the penis, but can give you a more comfortable and pleasant feeling while swimming.

Buying transgender swimwear, what should you pay attention to?

When purchasing a transgender swimsuit or trans bikini, remember that our tops are not made in regular women sizes, we use our own size chart. All swim tops have separate pockets to put in your breast prostheses, so they stay in place while swimming.