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In addition to our wide range of chest binders and tucking underwear, UNTAG also offers many types of accessories to help you express your gender identity however you want. Some of our items include a strap on harness, breast pads, medical tape, nipple pads, butt padding and lots more.

Hip padding & breast padding

We have a variation of hip pads, breast forms (or boob pads as some people like to call them). Some trans fem individuals like to use reusable breast pads to enhance their chest, or butt and hip padding to give their silhouette a more curvy look. Drag queens or crossdressers also tend to like the look of a padded hip.

Ftm packing gear, harnesses & strap on gear

For those looking to enhance their packing game, UNTAG offers different types of harnesses (also known as a packing strap) that help keep your ftm packer in place. These harnesses are also appropriate for ftm pack and play prosthetics. We also offer a range of packer paddings.

What is the difference between a FtM harness and a harness ring?

A FtM harness or harness ring (both are a type of strapon underwear) is made to place a packer in the ring or opening. The difference between the FtM harness and the harness ring is the price and quality. The harness ring is made of elastic, and the harness of a soft mesh fabric. Both can be adjusted to your own size with straps. They can also be worn as a jockstrap, where the straps run along the side of the buttocks, or as a thong, where the straps are between the buttocks.

Why use a FtM harness, a harness ring or a harness slip for your packer?

With a harness or harness ring you wear the packer close to your own skin. With a harness slip you wear a regular slip with an opening for the packer, so it does not sit on your skin and can therefore be worn above your underwear. What is most suitable for you depends on your personal preference. Some people like to wear the packer next to the skin because it gives them a realistic feel, others prefer to have a layer of fabric between the packer and the skin. The silicone and synthetic material can cause friction that can irritate the skin.

Tucking Gear

People who are looking for cross dressing supplies or dragqueen gear have come to the right place. We have lots of accessories for cross dressing supplies and drag such as tucking panties and tucking tape.

Medical tape

Medical tape is a popular product for both ftm, mtf, non binary and people with any other gender expression who want to flatten or tuck parts of their body. For example, medical tape (also called trans tape, binder tape or breast tape) can be used if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a binder. Medical tape can be used to tape the breasts to the side, giving the appearance of a flat chest. When using this tape for breasts, make sure to never wrap the tape all the way around your torso! This can be damaging to the ribs.

Medical tape is also a popular method for drag queens, trans women or girls, or any other trans fem individual to tuck their penis away, which creates a flatter pelvic area. If you want to know how to tuck, check out our tucking guide.