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Comfort and convenience: UNTAG zip binders can be taken off in the blink of an eye

Zip binders ftm are a great option for genderqueer, transgender or non binary individuals who are looking for an easy-access binder. UNTAG binders with zippers feature a zip closure that allows for easy wearing and removal, making them ideal for those with asthma, anxiety, limited range of motion, or sensory issues. 

Chest dysphoria and binders with zipper

Chest dysphoria can be challenging to manage, but tackling chest binding with zipper binders provide a practical solution. With their quick and easy closure, these binders offer a secure and snug fit without having to wiggle yourself into them. The zipper design eliminates discomfort and irritation, allowing individuals to confidently express their gender identity without compromising their comfort.

Binder safety

We prioritize safety and comfort in our zip binders - always remember that binding breasts can cause injuries! Our binders are made from high-quality materials that are gentle on the skin and breathable for all-day wear. The zipper closure is designed to be safe and easy to use, providing a worry-free experience for individuals with asthma, anxiety, or sensory issues. Note that the zippers are positioned in the center of our binders, which means the pressure of the binder is evenly distributed across the chest. This makes it a safe binder to use. 

Inclusivity and affirmation 

We understand the importance of inclusivity and affirmation for all gender identities. Our zipper binders are designed to cater to the diverse needs of non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid and transgender individuals, providing a comfortable and affirming experience. Whether you're looking for a chest binder for daily wear, special occasions, or physical activities, a zip binder is a reliable and inclusive option.

Sensory-Friendly and Asthma-Friendly Binders

Individuals with sensory issues or asthma can benefit from the convenience and comfort of zipper binders. The zipper closure eliminates the need for hooks or clasps that may cause discomfort or irritation. The soft and breathable materials used in our binders are gentle on the skin and ideal for individuals with sensitivities. On top of that our zip binders can be taken off in an instant, should you feel the need to remove it as quickly as you can. 

Don't compromise on comfort or convenience when it comes to chest binding. Experience the confidence and comfort of zip binders and take a step towards affirming your gender identity with ease and pride!