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Are you looking for transgender tops, bras for transgender women or mtf trans people? Or are you looking for a crossdresser bra? UNTAG offers different types of prosthetic bras and other underwear for trans women and all other people who want to wear a bra with breast forms. We have bandeaus, sports tops, singlets, corsets, mens corsets, and MtF bras. Most of our tops are suitable to wear with silicone breast forms, breast prosthesis or foam breast padding. We have a large variety of breast prosthesis, crossdresser boobs and mtf breasts, making UNTAG your one-stop breast form store.

Which MtF top do you need?

UNTAG has designed types of pocket bra and tops for every occasion. For example, you can wear the pocket bra top underneath your party dress, but you can also choose the sports top when you go exercising. All of our tops are suitable for your breast prosthesis and have separate compartments. These compartments will prevent your prostheses from moving.

Prosthetic bra or top?

The prosthetic bra is a slightly more chic model made of black lace. The tops are sportier models. The corset can be worn under a bra or top, which falls under the breast. The corset is made with spiral ribs and is adjustable up to 3 sizes.

What is the difference between the singlet and the singlet advanced?

The difference between the two tops are the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps of the advanced top are smaller and can also be worn as a halter or crossed over the back. The advanced top is easily adjustable and remains invisible under any type of clothing.

Sports top, sports top advanced or seamless sports top?

Both the sport top and the sport top advanced are designed and engineered in our atelier, and responsibly produced in Europe. The seamless sports top is purchased from another manufacturer. The tops of UNTAG are strong, suitable for large prosthetic boobs and it’s possible to have them custom made. All of the fabrics we use are made in europe.