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UNTAG offers a variety of shaping underwear both for tucking and underwear that you can wear with a packer or a prosthetic penis.

Packing underwear

A broad choice of FtM packing underwear such as a FtM harness or strap on harness, a harness ring, a harness slip, a packing pouch and boxershorts with or without paddings. If you want to create the look of a penis or bulge (for example because you’re transgender), you can wear packing underwear with your ftm packer or trans packer. Our packing underwear is made in such a way that if you have bottom growth (also called meta, trans penis or ftm penis) you will still be comfortable.

Tucking underwear

If you’re looking for a way to hide your penis (perhaps transgender people who have not had or don’t want to get bottom surgery or drag queens), underwear that can tuck can be very helpful. At UNTAG you can choose from different MtF underwear or transgender panties. Our product range has different types of shapewear underwear. You can choose between thongs, briefs, boxers or padded underwear, there is a suitable fit for everyone. A tucking gaff is very practical for transfeminine people who don’t want to tuck with tape every day.

What’s tucking and how to tuck?

Tucking is a technique where a trans, non binary, or gender fluid person hides the penis and testicles, so they are not visible under clothing. To tuck the penis, you can use tucking underwear or a tucking gaff. The penis is positioned backwards between the legs and held in place by the tucking undies.

Every day or on stage?

UNTAG underwear is for trans women, drag queens, or anybody else. Some people like to get an extra strong tuck when they’re on stage. A drag queen might tuck when she’s performing only, whereas other trans women or trans girls might be tucking all day.