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People of any gender identity can choose to wear a ftm trans packer. UNTAG offers a range of packing underwear that keeps your packer, silicone penis prosthetic or ftm stp packer in place. If you feel more comfortable having a penis (for example if you’re trans), you can use our FtM harness slip or packing shorts to pack proudly. We also offer pee funnels or STP trans penis for bathroom usage.

What is packing?

Packing means you wear a padding, silicone penis prosthetic, or any other type of transgender packer in your underwear to give the appearance of a penis. Some people call this type of underwear strapon boxers, packer shorts, packing boxers or simply packing underwear. FtM prosthetics and packing underwear can be of great help if you want to reduce your gender dysphoria, or if you have not had your bottom surgery yet.

You can choose between a FtM harness, harness ring, harness slip, packing pouch, boxer shorts with or without padding or a complete package: a harness with a packer. 

Packing pouch or boxer shorts?

With a packing pouch or boxer shorts you do not wear the packer on the skin. A packing pouch is a fabric bag intended for the packer or FtM prosthetics. You can attach the packing pouch in any type of underwear or swimwear. The packing pouch is an ideal solution if you already have a lot of underwear in your closet. Our boxer shorts can be delivered with or without padding. The padding can also be replaced with other FtM prosthetics. The boxer shorts without padding are specially designed by UNTAG for female figures or for people who take male hormones. The seams of these boxer shorts are mainly hidden in different places, to avoid abrasion or chafing in sensitive areas such as the clitoris (or if you have bottom growth).