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What are Chest Binders?

Chest binders (also called breast compressor, breast binder, binder trans, binder bra, chest binder ftm or compression top) are specialized garments designed to compress the chest area, creating a flatter appearance. Chest binding is a method commonly used by individuals who seek to minimize the visibility of their breasts and achieve a more masculine or gender-neutral appearance. Chest binders are worn by people of various gender identities, including non-binary individuals, as well as those who identify as transgender, genderqueer, or gender fluid. But people who do not identify as trans or nonbinary can also wear binders - you do not need to tick any box to be able to wear them. 

How Do Binders Work?

Binders work by using compression to flatten the chest area. They are typically made of stretchy, breathable materials that are designed to be worn close to the skin. When worn correctly, binders can effectively minimize the appearance of the breasts, creating a more masc or gender-neutral silhouette.

Choosing the Right Binder

It is important to choose a binder that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Binders should never cause pain or restrict breathing. Proper sizing is crucial to ensure effectiveness and comfort. We recommend that you take your chest measurements and follow the sizing guidelines provided that you can find on our ‘Sizing & Fitting’ pag.. Binders come in various styles, such as tank tops, racerback binder, and long binders, and each person prefers a different style. Finding your favourite style can take time, but can be incredibly rewarding! 

Safety Considerations

While binders can be a helpful tool for individuals seeking to affirm their gender identity, it is essential to prioritize safety while binding breasts. It is not recommended to use makeshift binders, such as duct tape or ace bandages, as these can cause serious health risks. It is crucial to follow basic guidelines for wearing and caring for the binder properly. Three main guidelines are: 

  • Don’t sleep in your binder
  • Find the correct size
  • Don’t wear your binder for longer than 8 hours

It is also essential to listen to your body and take breaks from binding when needed! Remember that, while a binder can help with affirming your gender identity, you are just as valid without your binder. 


Binding for a bigger chest

Shirt binders and long binders are popular options for individuals with larger chests seeking to bind their breasts for gender-affirming reasons. Long binders extend further down the torso, covering the stomach area as well, and offer more space for the breast mass to be distributed. Proper sizing and prioritizing safety and comfort are important when using shirt binders or long binders for binding larger chests! 

Popular Binder Brands

There are several reputable brands other than UNTAG that cater to the diverse needs of the binding community. Brands like gc2b binder, Underworks, and Spectrum Binders offer a wide range of binder options, including different styles such as long binders, tank tops, racerback binders, and compression shirts. Binders are available in various sizes, including binders for big chests, and binders for non-binary individuals. Each brand has their own style and preferred way of making their binders. What we at UNTAG have at the forefront of our design process is the safety of your body! 


In conclusion, chest binders are a valuable tool for many individuals who identify as non-binary, transgender, genderqueer, or gender fluid. They provide a way to affirm one's gender identity by creating a flatter chest appearance. It is crucial to prioritize safety, choose a reputable binder brand that offers a proper fit, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. By doing so, individuals can safely and comfortably express their gender identity using chest binders.