Everything you need to know about tucking, tucking gaffs & tucking panties! 

Gender-affirming underwear can be of great help to people looking to affirm their femininity or who experience dysphoria around their genital area. Many people like to wear tucking panties or gaffs so they can feel more like their true self. Since the area that’s being flattened is quite a sensitive area, it’s more than likely you’ll be full of questions when you’re first starting out. You might wonder what tucking panties actually are, how tucking gaffs work and how to tuck effectively but safely. We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions about tucking. Keep reading to find the answers to all your tucking-related questions! 

Before we start, always remember that the safety of your body and genital area is of utmost importance. Listen to your body and educate yourself about tucking before you start. 


What is tucking?

Tucking is generally referred to as hiding the genitals between the legs and buttocks, to create a flat pelvic area. The two most common methods are the semi-tuck and the full tuck. A full tuck means the testicles are pushed up into the inguinal canals and the penis is tucked back. A semi-tuck is exactly the same, except the testes aren’t pushed into the inguinal canals. Tucking can be done with tucking underwear or gaffs, and can be done with or without medical tape. Medical tape can help create a smoother and more secure look, but can be inconvenient if you want to use the bathroom or if you have sensitive skin. Tucking with medical tape is generally used by people who want to perform while tucked, such as drag queens. 


What is tucking underwear? 

Tucking Underwear, also known as tucking gaffs, MtF-underwear, tucking slips or tucking undies, are a special type of underwear that compresses the penis and testicles. This type of underwear typically uses a strong elastic fabric that helps to compress this area. Tucking underwear can create a flat and streamlined pelvic area. This can give you an affirmed and feminine feeling.Tucking underwear can be worn with a full tuck or a semi-tuck. 


Who can wear tucking underwear? 

Most people wear tucking undies because they can help reduce any gender dysphoria that they might have when they see their pelvic area with a bulge. Since the tucking underwear flattens the penis and testicles, a more feminine look can be created. But please remember that you do not have to fall into any gender-category to be able to wear tucking underwear! They can be worn by a large variety of people in- and outside of the binary, such as trans women and girls, non-binary people, drag queens, femme presenting people, or just any person who feels the need to flatten their pelvic area or who experiences bottom dysphoria. Long story short, tucking underwear can be worn by anyone.


How to tuck?

There are a couple of ways you can choose to tuck. Before you do your tuck, decide if you want to do a full-tuck or a semi-tuck, and decide if you want to use tape or not. 


Full-tuck or semi-tuck (without tape)

Start by wrapping the head of your penis with toilet paper or cloth (this helps prevent urine leakage and infection). If you want to do a full-tuck, this is the time to push your testicles up into the inguinal canals. For the flattest appearance, lie on your back and gently shift the testes upward and into each canal. Guide them slowly without using pressure, and stop tucking if you experience pain. If you want to do a semi-tuck, simply pull them backwards. Then pull your penis back between your legs while holding your testicles in place. Once you’re satisfied with the position, pull up your tucking undies and you’re good to go.

Watch the video below for a visual explanation:


Tucking with tape

If you’re going to tuck with tape, always make sure it’s a skin-safe medical tape. Don’t use duct tape or other types of tape. Make sure the area you’re going to attach the tape to is hairless, clean, and free of lotions or oils. Again, decide if you’re going to do a full tuck or a semi-tuck, and position the testicles accordingly. Then, cover the head of your penis with toilet paper or gauze. Pull the penis back while holding your testicles in place. Then apply two to three layers of tape. Apply the tape from front to back, between the buttocks and on the pelvic area. Watch the video below for a visual explanation: 

How do I tuck safely?

Tucking can be effective and affirming, but it’s not without risks. You might be wondering if tucking is dangerous for your body. Always consult a doctor first if you’re worried tucking is dangerous for you! If you follow some general rules however, tucking shouldn’t be unsafe or painful. We’ve listed these general rules below.


Don’t overdo it

When you’re first starting out with tucking, we recommend that you take it step by step. Start out with tucking for an hour or so to see how you feel. Build this up, and don’t tuck for longer than 8 hours! Doing it for longer than 8 hours can cause bruising, friction or other health issues. If you feel any pain, stop tucking as soon as possible. If you feel discomfort - try rearranging your genitals and see if that feels better. 

Keep in mind that if you overdo it, serious health issues like skin irritation, fungal infections and even infertility can occur. Immediately consult a doctor if you’re experiencing any abnormal sensations in your genital area. 


Take breaks 

To give your body the rest it needs, try to take breaks as often as possible. When you’re not tucking, try to wear breathable and loose clothing. This helps the genitals recover from being restricted for long periods of time. Try to not take naps or go to sleep when you’re wearing your tucking undies, as this can lead to constriction. As a rule of thumb, take at least one day a week where you’re not tucking. Your body is a precious thing and deserves the rest! 


Listen to your body 

The most important thing to remember when tucking is to listen to your body. If you’re wearing a full tuck and you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, consider switching to a semi-tuck or stop tucking altogether. If you’re feeling discomfort you can also try adjusting your genitals to see if it helps.


What are the health risks of tucking?

Below is a list of some of the most common health risks that can occur when tucking:

  • Restricted blood flow to the genitals
  • Skin fungi and infections. 
  • Other skin problems: scratching, itching, hypersensitivity, redness.
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Twisting of the testicles
  • Nerve damage


Remove your tucking underwear and consult a medical professional if you experience or suspect any of these symptoms.


Tips for secure tucking

  • Give your body time to recover after tucking. Do not tuck for more than 8 hours in a day, and try to have at least one day a week without tucking.
  • Don’t wear multiple tucking slips or thongs over each other.
  • Choose the right size.
  • Do not use products that are not specifically designed for tucking.
  • Don’t pull on the genitals when securing your tuck.
  • Take a cold shower before tucking - this will reduce the blood flow present in your penis while creating the tuck. 
  • Cover the head of your penis to prevent infection and spillage.


How do I choose the right size for tucking underwear?

Choosing the size of your tucking undies is actually quite simple. Usually you will need the same size as your regular underwear. Measure your waist and hips, and compare these to the size chart of the product you’re interested in. This will guide you to the size that’s your most likely fit! 

Your tucking undies should fit snug but comfortable, they shouldn’t pinch or crush you. Below are some indications that your tucking panties might be too small:


  • You feel the seams chafing or cutting your skin
  • Your penis feels restricted 
  • You’re experiencing pain


If you notice any of these symptoms, you should probably size up. Avoid getting a size that’s too small in hopes of getting flatter results! 

Lastly, keep in mind that your tucking underwear might loosen over time! It’s normal and unavoidable for stretch fabrics to loosen over time. If you notice your product isn’t working as you’re used to anymore, it’s time to get a new pair.


Can I still wear tucking underwear if I have a larger penis?

If you have a larger penis you might struggle a little more with getting a completely flat tuck - but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear tucking underwear. In fact, a larger penis might actually help get a better grip of the shaft, which helps you pull it back easier. You might need to use a few more layers of tape for a flat tuck. Be careful that you’re not restricting the blood flow. 


What happens if I get an erection while I’m tucking? 

It’s possible that you’ll get an erection while you’re tucking. If your tuck is securely in place, it shouldn’t become untucked. You might need to rearrange your penis after the erection is over. Keep in mind that an erection might be uncomfortable when tucking, as the area is more restricted than it naturally would be. 


Is tucking harmful for a developing body?

Some people want to start wearing tucking underwear from the moment their genitals begin to grow. This can leave them or their loved ones worried about the safety of their developing body. The general rule is that there is no damage to a growing body or to the development of the penis if the general safety rules apply: never tuck for longer than 8 hours, don’t sleep with a tuck, and make sure you have the correct size by checking the size chart. Especially if it's your or your childs' first pair of tucking undies, check the size chart or consult our customer service about the correct size.

A side note for parents, guardians, friends or other loved ones: some kids will want to figure it all out themselves and get the tightest tucking undies that they can possibly find. Understand that your child might want the flattest result, but always remind them of the importance of their safety!  This might be a sensitive topic for them, so react with love and patience.


Can I exercise in tucking underwear?

The general consensus about exercising while tucking is that it is possible, but that you should keep a close eye on how you’re feeling. Try to not tuck as tightly when you’re exercising, and consider not doing a full-tuck. The best option is to wear tucking panties without doing a full tuck. This way you’ll have a flat look, without causing damage to your genitals. 


How do I care for my tucking undies? 

Keeping your tucking undies clean can help prevent skin issues or infections. Check the washing instructions of your specific undies before washing. A general rule is to wash the panties in cold water after each use. Most of the time you can either wash them in the washing machine, or by hand using gentle soap. Let the panties air dry (dryers can affect the elasticity of certain fabrics), and you’re ready for your next wear! 


Hopefully this list of questions and answers has left you more secure and informed about tucking and tucking safety. Tucking undies can greatly help to reduce bottom dysphoria and promote gender euphoria, but always keep in mind: your body is a temple and should be treated as such, so tuck safely!