For many trans men, transmasc people or other genderqueer individuals, packers or penis prosthetics can help reduce bottom dysphoria and promote gender euphoria. Starting out with packers can be a daunting task though, as there are so many shapes and sizes on the market. We've compiled a list of general information and safety instructions to help you get started.

What is packing? 

Packing means you wear a padding, silicone penis prosthetic, or any other type of packer in your underwear to give the appearance of a penis. There are different kinds of penis prosthetics for different purposes: a packer can be used as filler, an erect prosthetic can be used with a strap on harness for sexual intercourse, and an StP-packer can be used to urinate while standing up. Most penis prosthetics are made very realistically and are comfortable to wear, making the wearer feel like they have a real penis.


Which packer or penis prosthetic should I choose?

Deciding which packer to choose is a highly personal process, but it’s useful to first decide what you’re going to use the packer for. A penis prosthetic can be designed for one purpose, or multiple purposes at once. The most common types of penis prosthetics are packers, foam paddings, erect prosthetics, StP-prostheses or packers that are multi-purpose. Ask yourself the following questions when looking for a packer: do you want the packer simply to fill your boxers, do you want to use it during sex, or do you want to use it to pee standing up? When you’ve found the answer to these questions you can start looking for the right packer that fits your needs and budget. Now let’s dive a little deeper into the different types of packers!


Foam Paddings

One of the most simple forms of packing is by using foam paddings. This is a piece of foam that will fit right into your boxershorts, which you can pin in place using safety pins. Make sure you use diaper pins - otherwise you might pin yourself! Foam paddings exist without any shape, or with the outline of a penis added to them. Either way, this is a very simple way to emulate the look of a penis without breaking the bank. 



If you’re looking for a prosthetic or packer that will fill out your pants and give the appearance of a bulge while still giving a realistic feel, a simple packer is the way to go. These ftm penis packers are usually made of silicone and have the shape of a penis. Most packers are not suitable to use for sexual intercourse or urinating, unless specifically stated. A popular packer is the Mr. Limpy because it looks realistic while still being budget-friendly. The skin-like material makes the penis prosthetic feel very realistic. Mr. Limpy is incredibly soft, stretchy, bendable and pliable. The Mr. Limpy is available on our website, click here to check it out.


Stand-to-Pee packers

A stand-to-pee packer (usually called an StP-prosthetic) is a penis prosthetic that has a pee funnel. This means the wearer can use this type of packer to urinate while standing up. To pee with an StP-prosthic, keep the packer in place with one hand and make sure the cup is against your vulva. It’s useful to wear some pants with a low zipper, so that the urine flow isn’t obstructed. Please note: using an StP-urinal takes some practice, make sure to practice at home in your shower or bathroom. Once you’ve finished urinating, lift the cup slightly to get rid of any leftover drops. Watch the video below for a visual instruction on how to use an StP-packer:


Erect prosthetics

Having a tool that imitates the feeling of a real penis during intercourse can help a lot of people feel more affirmed in their gender identity. If you’re looking for this kind of affirmation, an erect penis prosthetic might be the one for you. These types of prosthetics are almost always made of silicone, and can be attached to the body using a skin adhesive or with a harness. These prosthetics have an erect shaft and can be found in all shapes and sizes, depending on your preference. When using this type of prosthetic, always make sure you and your partner are not allergic to the material, as this packer can be inserted. Also make sure to use a water-based lubricant when using a silicone prosthetic so the material doesn’t get damaged. When it comes to the base of these types of prosthetics, there are some that have pleasure-zones that stimulate the wearers’ genitals as well. Some of these are suitable for people who have bottom growth, others aren’t. Make sure your prosthetic matches your body's physicality to avoid disappointment! 


Combined packers 

The last category of common prosthetics are packers that have a combined function. For example, there are StP-packers that come with an erection rod that can be inserted into the pee funnel. This means the packer is both appropriate for urinating, and for sexual intercourse. These types of packers are great if you’re considering using them for different purposes. 


Prosthetic brands

Two great brands that have packers and penis prosthetics in their collection are Banana Prosthetics and Emisil. At UNTAG we are closely familiar with these brands, and have found them to be the best there are. Banana Prosthetics is a trans-owned Canadian brand, and Emisil is a European brand that hand crafts all their prosthetics. To find out more about their products, click the links below: 



Although wearing a packer is generally a very safe practice, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Some key points of advice are: 

  • Make sure you’re not allergic to the material of the packer. If you’re using an erect prosthetic with a partner, make sure they aren’t allergic either.
  • If you notice any irritation or chafing when wearing a packer for a long time, give your body a break. 
  • Use a water-based lube when using a prosthetic for sexual intercourse.
  • Clean the prosthetic according to the brands’ instructions. 


How to wear your packer

There are different ways to wear your packer depending on the type of penis prosthetic you wear. The first option is to wear packing shorts. These are special boxers that have a separate pouch to put the packer in. This way the packer is not worn on the skin. Note that this is only suitable for packers, not for StP or pack-and-play prosthetics. To get a closer look at packer shorts, check out our Boxershorts by clicking here. A second method to wear your packer is by using a packing pouch. This is a small pouch that you put your packer into, and then attach to your underwear using safety pins. You can attach the packing pouch in any type of underwear or swimwear. A packing pouch is an ideal solution if you already have a lot of underwear in your closet. Check out our packing pouch by clicking here.

While packing shorts and packing pouches are great options to wear your packers, they aren’t suitable for StP-prosthetics or erect prosthetics. These types of prosthetics can be worn with a harness, or can be attached to the body using skin safe adhesives. Click here to check out our range of harnesses. Watch the following video for a visual instruction on how to wear your packer with a harness:


Cleaning your packer 

Most packers can be cleaned using lukewarm water and some mild soap. After rinsing it, leave it to dry on a towel (don’t leave them in the sun!). For Mr. Limpy packers, roll the the packer in a cup of cornstarch after rinsing it with water and leave it to dry on a towel. Once your packer dries you can tap off the excess cornstarch and your Mr. Limpy is ready to be used! For other packers, make sure to follow the instructions of the brand your prosthetic is from to be sure you care for the packer in the right way. For hygienic purposes we do recommend cleaning your packer after every time you wear it - especially if it’s an StP packer or a pack-and-play prosthetic. 


Make an appointment

We no longer have packers from Emisil or Banana Prosthetics in our online collection, but they are still available to see and feel in our studio in Diemen, The Netherlands. During this appointment you will be able to place an order for one of their prosthetics. To plan an appointment, fill out our contact form by clicking here. 


We hope this overview of packer-info has helped you on your journey to find your perfect packer. Good luck and happy packing!