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Chest binders

Are you looking for a binder to flatten your chest or to bind your breasts? UNTAG has a product range with over fifteen different kinds of chest binders. Whether you’re looking for a standard chest binder, a strapless binder, a binder for special use such as a sports bra binder or a swim binder, UNTAG has got you covered. We also offer binders for big chests.

In addition to the regular binders, UNTAG designs binders especially for sports. These sports bra binders are somewhat shorter than the regular binders and have an extra low-cut back. The low-cut back prevents friction and excessive sweating.

What is a chest binder?

A binder, also known as a chest binder, FtM binder, binder bra, trans binder, or breast binder, is a piece of shaping underwear which is used to effectively and painlessly flatten the chest. Binders, like an undershirt or top, are often made of elastic material and fit tightly around the upper body. It spreads the breast mass and pushes them flat against the chest. You can use a binder for various reasons: you identify as trans, nonbinary, gender fluid, genderqueer, you want to look less feminine as a trans man or transgender person, you do cosplay or cross-dressing, but also for theater actors a chest binder can offer a solution for creating a character with a more masculine look. Note that chest binding is not without health risks!

How to put on a chest binder?

Putting on a binder can be difficult sometimes due to the stiffness of the material. Therefore buying the correct size is of great importance. A binder can be put on in two ways; either over your head or over your legs. After you put the binder in place, you place the breasts in the correct position. The right position would be when the breasts lie towards the side and/or the armpits. Binding breasts can be harmful if not done in the correct way.

What should you pay attention to when buying a chest binder?

There are a few points of attention when you are buying a FtM binder or breast binder. UNTAG advises you to look carefully at the size and buy a well-fitting binder, especially to not buy a too small binder. People often think they should buy the smallest binder possible for the most effective breast binding, but this is certainly not true. When the binder is too small or of poor quality, it might damage your skin or it might cause problems with your breathing. In the worst case, you can bruise your ribs when you bind your breasts with duct tape or bandages. A correct size binder will fit like a second skin around your body. If you are uncomfortable with wearing very tight items like binders, perhaps try binder tape (also known as trans tape).

How long can you wear a binder?

UNTAG advises to gradually build up the time you are wearing a binder. Start off with 2 hours, then 4 and eventually you can wear the binder for up to 8 hours. UNTAG advises to never wear a binder for longer than 8 hours, as the lungs need to be given room to breathe properly. Don't sleep with a trans binder or ftm top, as this can negatively impact your breathing. If you are having trouble breathing or are experiencing other physical symptoms when wearing the binder, we advise you to take the binder off.