When placing your order on the UNTAG website, you will find the option to leave a tip for us. We find it very important to be transparent about what we do with your tips, which is why you will find a list of organisations we have donated to in the past year. 

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Ever since the start of UNTAG back in 2004, we have always found it important to find ways to give back to the community. We understand and realise that there are many people who don't have access to, or the financial means for gender affirming items. 

In March of 2023, we launched a new website with an updated checkout process. During the checkout process, you will find the option to leave a tip for the UNTAG team. It has been heartwarming to see how many of our customers have already left a tip for us, and we want to make it clear what we do with these tips. We also want to emphasise that while we greatly appreciate any tips, there is absolutely no pressure to leave a tip. We understand each and every one of you has a different financial situation, and the tip is definitely not a must! 


Who we have donated to  

The International Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference

To aid the International Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference in 2022, we sent a range of gender affirming items such as packers, binders, and prosthetics. 


Rede ex Aequo

In the summer of 2022 we held a giveaway where followers could recommend organisations that would receive products. One of the winners of this giveaway was Rede Ex Aequo, a Portuguese LGBTQIA+ advocate. They let us know that their community was in dire need of items for Trans Masc individuals, so we sent them a selection of binders. Read more about Rede ex Aequo on their website.


Min19 Weljong

Another winner of the giveaway for Trans organisations was Min19 Weljong, who are a trans-youth organisation based in Belgium. Min19 Weljong is an advocate for an equal society, find out more about them on their website.  The team of Min19 Weljong were looking for gender affirming swimwear for youngsters, which we sent them a range of. 


Track Jugendzentrum

This German organisation focuses on the queer community in and around the area of Münster. We sent them a large box of tucking underwear and binders. 



The founder of Genderswap, Santi, started their organisation Genderswap in 2011. Gender Swap is a UK based LGBTIQ+ clothing outreach organisation and community interest company that supports trans and gender non-conforming individuals to access clothes and community with bespoke pop-ups, LGBTQ style workshops and exhibitions that support trans individuals with style, makeup and wellness resources. One of our followers alerted us to the existence of Genderswap, and we have since sent multiple donations of gender affirming items. Find out more about Genderswap on their website. 


Durham University LGBT+ Association

We were approached by a representative of the Durham University LGBT+ Association in March of 2023. They let us know that they were having a hard time finding tucking underwear to support their transfeminine community. We gladly sent them a range of our tucking underwear. Read more about the association here.


Queerpunkt Hannover
Queerpunkt Hanover is a queer feminist space that's mainly focused on allowing trans people a safe space for self-governing. We sent them a box full of tucking underwear to help support their community of transfeminine individuals. 


Transmen Camping Weekend

In August of 2022, a Dutch trans man organised a camping trip for Trans men to connect with each other. We donated a box of binders to help educate them on safe binding, and to give them access to products they may not have had the means for. 


Tom Kola 

To help the LGBTQIA+ community in Nigeria, Transgender activist and educator Tom Kola was sent a box full of binders, tucking underwear, medical tape, packers, and much more.  

Association La Toile

Lyon-based organisation La Toile were in need of binders to support their community of trans masc individuals. We sent a range of our most popular binders to help fulfil this need. 

Transforma Portugal

Transforma Portugal is a Portuguese human rights organisation that reached out to us and asked if we had any gender affirming items to spare. They specifically asked for swimwear and tucking underwear, which we provided for them. 

Tengbeh Kamara

When Dutch-Liberian photographer Tengbeh Kamara went on a journey to Liberia, they were looking for gender affirming items to give to the community there. The call for these items reached us via Instagram, and we offered to give Tengbeh a range to bring to Liberia. 

Durham University LGBT+ Association

The LGBT+ Association of Durham University reached out to us and told us that they were having a hard time finding items for transfeminine individuals that they could donate. To help them out we shipped them some tucking underwear, bratops, and more. 


German organisation Transklar organises educational workshops to inform people about LGBTQIA+ matters. Transklar was looking for binders to support their workshops and to help their community, which is why we sent them a range of our binders. 

Are you an organization looking for donations?

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