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What is a breast prosthesis?

Breast prosthetics, also called silicone breast forms, are fake breasts that can fill up your bra, for example for transgender women, mtf trans gender queer people, or anybody else who wants to fill out their chest. They are often made of silicone material, which is soft and natural to the touch. You can buy your silicone breast at UNTAG in all cup sizes and colors: from AA to DD or E cup, from transparent to a light or dark skin tone.

UNTAG breast prosthesics are available in triangle, oval and drop shape. Furthermore, we advise you to consider buying other supplies like a top, bra (prosthetics bra), prosthesic pockets or a corset to support the breast forms. We also offer silicone breast plates or a drag breastplate, which is great if you’re a drag queen or crossdresser and want realistic breasts.

Why a breast prosthesis?

People can buy breast prostheses for all kinds of reasons: if you want to look more feminine but have not had transwoman surgery (yet). You can use breast forms for dressing up, like cosplay or cross dressing. These breast forms are often referred to as crossdresser boobs or crossdresser breast forms. And even if you had breast removal surgery, silicone breast prosthesis can be a solution.

Wearing a breast form will give you a lot of confidence and a feeling of freedom. UNTAG believes that everyone can be themselves no matter their gender expression, and is happy to help everyone with a well-fitting outfit. A breast prosthesis can be a great step forward.

Which shape and size should I buy?

The size of the trans breasts you are looking to get is deeply personal. Some people prefer a bigger size than others. However, the shape of the prosthetics can depend on the width of your chest, shoulders and rib cage. If you have a slim build, the oval or teardrop breasts are the better choice for you. If you are on the broader side, the triangle breast prostheses are a better choice.

Why a breast prosthesis bra or transgender bra?

Silicone breast prostheses are often worn in a prosthetic bra, ensuring the breast prostheses stay in place and can be worn comfortably. These bra’s have special pockets for the prostheses. With a prosthetic bra, the fake breasts will look much nicer under your clothes, making the breasts look more natural and realistic. A good prosthetic bra relieves the shoulders and prevents the breasts from shifting or falling forward when you bend down. This way you’ll even forget you are wearing breast prostheses!