Your new Silicone Breastplate has just arrived, hooray! To help you get started we’ve gathered some important information to help you get started.


Apply some talc powder to your skin before trying on the Torso. Afterwards, slowly pull the torso over your head like a normal top. The material is very flexible, but be mindful of sharp edges or nails. Pull the torso down and maneuver the breasts to the right place. Below is a visual instruction: 

You can wear the silicone torso all day, as long as you’re sure you’re not allergic to silicone. If you notice any irritation when you’re wearing the breastplate or you’re having trouble breathing, take the torso off immediately. Pay attention that you’re not overheating - drink enough water and take the torso off in time.

The silicone torso can withstand salt- and chlorine water, but be mindful that excessive use in water can make the material disintegrate faster.


Note that this product is not suitable for the washer or dryer. Wash the Silicone Torso with warm water and mild soap. Leave the torso to dry and rub talc powder on it. 


Store the torso in a dry place, outside of any sunlight. Keep it in a plastic bag within a box to prevent the torso from attracting any dust.