You’ve just received your new StP-urinal - yay! We’ve gathered some important information so you can safely and confidently use your new PEZ Travel Urinal.


To pee with your PEZ Travel Urinal, keep the pee funnel in place with one hand and make sure the cup is against your vulva. It’s useful to wear some pants with a low zipper, so that the urine flow isn’t obstructed. Please note: using an StP-urinal takes some practice, make sure to practice at home in your shower or bathroom. Once you’ve finished urinating, lift the cup slightly to get rid of any leftover drops.


The PEZ Travel Urinal is meant for short-term use, and shouldn’t be worn in your pants during the day. If you’re experiencing skin irritation, stop using the pee funnel. 


To make sure your StP urinal is clean we advise you to clean it before and after each use. Wash it in lukewarm water with some gentle soap, and dry on a towel. It’s not necessary to wash it after every bathroom visit - but make sure to clean it once a day. 


Don’t leave this product in direct sunlight and store it in a dry and cool place.