Your new penis packer has arrived, how exciting! To help you get started we’ve gathered some important information so you can wear the packer comfortably and confidently.


Place the packer in your underwear or packing pouch and manoeuvre it to the correct position. You can also wear your penis packer with a harness. Watch this video for a visual instruction on how to wear your packer with a harness:


You can wear your packer the whole day, as long as you’ve made sure you’re not sensitive to the silicone. If you’re wearing the packer on your skin and you notice some irritation, stop wearing the packer right away.

Our penis packers are able to withstand salt- and chlorine water, but do note that excessive use in these types of waters can make the material disintegrate faster.


Wash your packer after every use in lukewarm water and a mild soap. Roll it in a cup of cornstarch and leave it to dry on a towel. Once your packer is dry, pat the excess cornstarch off and it’s ready to be used. Don’t use talc powder with this product! 


Don’t leave your packer in direct sunlight. Store it in a dry and cool place. 


Despite the high quality of our packers, some damage can occur because of the constant friction with your clothes. Be careful with sharp nails or objects. Sometimes there are small air bubbles on your silicone packer, these were created during the production process and are normal. Your packer isn’t damaged and works the same. It’s also normal for the packer to slightly shrink over time. 

Why not Mr. Limpy?

The reason we've stopped offering the Mr. Limpy penis packer is because it is not available in multiple colors. We want to be as inclusive as possible, which is why we've decided to stop the sales of Mr. Limpy prosthetics. Our penis packer matches the quality of the Mr. Limpy packer, so you won't have to feel worried about its performance!