To help you get started with your new skin adhesive and remover, we’ve gathered some important information and tips, so you can comfortably wear your prosthetics. 


Before you can apply the skin glue we advise you to make sure the skin is clean, dry, and hairless. Shake the bottle vigorously - this is very important! Use a little brush to apply the adhesive. Apply a generous amount of skin glue to the application tab of your prosthetic. Wait for the glue to thicken and become sticky, then press the prosthetic onto the desired place. Lightly apply pressure to the prosthetic and wait for the glue to adhere to the skin.

To remove the prosthetic you can apply some Pros-Aide Remover to a towel or cotton pad. Rub this along the edges of the prosthetic to dissolve the glue. Afterwards, take a q-tip and dip this into the Pros-Aide Remover. Use this q-tip to go over any spots where you can still see any leftover glue until there’s no glue left.


Wear the adhesive and prosthetic no longer than 8 hours a day. The skin needs to breathe and recover. If you notice any irritation during or after using the Pros-Aide Adhesive, remove the glue as soon as possible.

To be safe, we advise you to use the adhesive in combination with a harness. This way you won’t have to worry about the glue dissolving during the day, or the prosthetic falling off during active movements.


Store the Kryolan Pros-Aide and the Pros-Aide Remover in a cool and dry place. Do not leave the bottles in the sun.