🌹 Celebrate Love with the Reversible Tank Binder! 🌹

Please note: this item is no longer available for pre-order

Ignite your style this Valentine's Day with our latest sensation: the Reversible Tank Binder! Designed to reflect your unique essence, this versatile piece is poised to steal hearts.

Whether you're embracing vibrant hues or opting for sleek black, make a statement that's as bold as your love. How will you express yourself this Valentine's Day?

Captured through the lens of Amsterdam-based photographer Julia Hermans, our campaign celebrates the boundless possibilities of style and self-expression.

Key Features:

💙 Two Way Wear: Experience dual expressions with our reversible design, offering vibrant colors or chic black with a hint of flair.

🩷 Bigger Range of Motion: Engineered with a racerback fit, catering to our active trans masc customers, ensuring comfort and mobility in every stride. This makes it easier for the shoulder blades to move around, for example in the gym! This is also great if you're a wheelcair user.

💙 Aqua or Raspberry Color Options: This binder is available in a fresh aqua color for our blue-lovers, or in a bold raspberry pink.

🩷 Responsible Production: Designed and developed in Amsterdam and responsibly produced in Europe, our Reversible Tank Binder combines style and ethical values.

💙 Removable Care Label: When your receive your Reversible Tank Binder there will be a label attached in the neck, which is sewn in loosely. You can easily remove this label to make it truly reversible!

We work with pre-orders to move towards a more ethical fashion industry!

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Here's Why:

Reserve your favorites ahead of time, helping us gauge demand and minimize waste through efficient production planning.

Enjoy exclusive offers while aiding us in managing inventory effectively.

Available for pre-order from February 14th to February 28th.

Shipping kicks off at the end of March. Combine with other items for consolidated shipping.

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