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UNTAG for Kids

UNTAG makes special clothes to help kids express their gender identity comfortably. Whether you want to look more masculine, feminine, or somewhere in between, we have a variety of products to help you feel great.

Chest Binders: These are tops that help flatten the chest. We offer different kinds, like regular binders, strapless binders, and sports binders. These can help reduce discomfort for kids who haven't had top surgery.

Kids Bratops: These tops can be worn with silicone breast forms to create a more feminine look. They are great for transgender girls and anyone who wants to present more feminine.

Swimwear: UNTAG offers swim binders and bikini tops designed for kids who are transgender or non-binary, so you can swim comfortably and confidently.

Packing Underwear: Packing underwear is a type of underwear that can be worn with a packer, giving you the appearance of a penis. We have a packing boxershort that can be combined with the foam padding for kids. They are designed to reduce discomfort and help you feel more like yourself.

Tucking Underwear: These are special panties that help hide the penis for a smoother look. We have different styles like thongs, briefs, and padded shapewear to help you feel more comfortable and confident.

At UNTAG, we believe everyone should have the chance to look and feel the way they want. Our products are designed to help kids express their true selves with confidence and comfort.