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Why did you change your name?

Our customer base has developed, and so have our products. Our clientele no longer exists solely of trans people, which meant our previous name (Trans-Missie) no longer covered the load. Our customers are ever-changing, and we join this change.

In short, our mission is to make genderaffirming products For Every Body, and we wanted our name to better match our goals.

What exactly has changed?

We've changed our name, logo, and branding. On top of that we decided to update our website and we wanted to have new images to go with our updated look. We also wanted our website to be more inclusive.

What hasn't changed is our quality, our team, and our service!

What does your new name mean?

In an ideal world no labels or tags are needed to live a happy life. With this in mind we wanted to have a name that represented this 'untagged' way of life: that's how UNTAG was born!

How did you come up with the name?

The whole team came together to have multiple sessions during which we brainstormed. A whole list of possible names was created, but UNTAG was the definite winner.

The name UNTAG best matched our ideals: we believe no labels or tags are necessary.

Are your team members still the same people?

Yes! We're the same team that you've known and talked to when we were Trans-Missie.

What's the story behind your shop?

We're an ally-owned shop. The founder of UNTAG, Danaë Kurvers, has a brother who was in need of a binder when he was young. She made him binders, and soon after more and more people asked her to make genderaffirming items for them too. The store grew on the basis of a need within the trans community, a need which Danaë managed to meet. Her creative solutions were a godsend to many people.

Has the quality of your items changed?

No, the quality of our items has remained the same. In fact, now that we've rebranded, we have even more time to focus on improving our products.

What does this change mean for me as a customer?

There are some changes that might influence you. We have a new e-mail address that you can reach us at: You'll also have to make a new account (don't worry - we still have your old order details!). Other than that you might have to get used to the new navigation of our website. We've sorted our website based on items, rather than on pronouns. We want everyone to feel recognised and welcome. We also updated our product photography to give you a better idea of our products.

Why do you have a dark theme website?

First and foremost we like the aesthetic appeal of a dark theme website. Other than that, there are several benefits to implementing a dark theme website, including:

  • Improved Readability: Dark theme can make text easier to read, particularly in low light environments.
  • Reduced Eye Strain: Dark theme can reduce the amount of blue light emitted by screens, reducing eye strain and making it easier to use digital devices for longer periods.
  • Battery Life: Dark theme can also extend battery life, especially on mobile devices, as it requires less power to display dark pixels than light ones.
  • Increased Accessibility: For some users with visual impairments, dark theme can provide improved contrast and make it easier to read text and navigate websites.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Dark theme can provide a sleek and modern look for websites, making them more visually appealing for users.

I don't like your new name, what now?

While we respect your opinion, we felt it was a necessary change! Also, here's a (hopefully helpful) piece of advice: approaching change with an open mind and a willingness to adapt can help to minimize the negative aspects and maximize the positive outcomes.

Will you finally have products in bigger sizes?

We are working very hard to make this happen! Since the rebrand, we've had more time to work on product improvement and inclusivity. Keep an eye out for bigger sizes!