🐆 Out Now: The UNTAG Leopard Collection! 🐆

Roar with confidence this summer with our latest drop: the Leopard Collection! Where comfort meets confidence and self-expression reigns supreme. Embrace your wild side and make a statement with the spotted items like the Signature Bralette, the High Waisted Tucking Tanga, or the Athletic Binder. No matter your gender expression, get ready to pounce with our new Leopard printed items! 

Captured through the lens of Amsterdam-based photographer Allard Faas, our campaign celebrates the boundless possibilities of style and self-expression. The pattern is designed by UNTAG’s Anneloes Ouwehand, who also runs the brand LPRD!

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What & Why

The Leopard Collection consists of six items that were created with inclusivity in mind, serving both trans femme and trans masc communities. At UNTAG, we firmly believe in breaking down barriers between fashion and gender affirmation. Fashion-forward binders and stylish yet functional tucking undies demonstrate that both can coexist seamlessly, empowering individuals to express themselves authentically.

Embodying the wild spirit of summer, each piece celebrates individuality and self-expression with bold leopard print. From basking in the sun to exploring the urban jungle, these garments empower you to unleash your inner wildness. Crafted with care to cater to our communities’ diverse needs, our stylish essentials ensure comfort and confidence all season long.

💛 The Signature Bralette: a stylish bratop with extra space for breast prosthetics

🖤 The Highwaisted Tucking Tanga: a cheeky pair of tucking undies 

💛 The Signature Tucking Bikini Brief: a high-coverage pair of tucking bikini bottoms

🖤 The One Piece Zipper: a tucking bodysuit with zipper on the back

💛 The Athletic Binder: a sporty binder with wide straps for low-sensory wearing

🖤 The Boardshorts: loose-fitting packing boardshorts

With bold prints and a touch of athleticism, this collection celebrates every aspect of who you are. But don’t worry - if you prefer a more toned down look, the items are also available in black. 🖤Join us in expressing yourself fearlessly with our Leopard Collection!

A closer look!

Let’s take a moment and zoom in on each item in this collection.

The Signature Bralette

The Signature Bralette is a fashionable top with built-in pouches for your breast prostheses and an eye-catching leopard print. It boasts a mesh panel in the front - adding a sporty flair and enhancing breathability - as well as a thick elastic band to keep the top in place all day. The Signature Bralette is also perfectly suitable to wear as a bikini top! This top is also available in a flattering black variation. 

Key features:

  • Hidden pouches for breast prosthetics up to 600 grams
  • Stylish mesh panel adds a touch of elegance
  • Made from soft fabrics that can withstand sunlight and salt- and chlorine water
  • Adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closure for a perfect fit
  • For daily use or in the water
  • Available from XXS to 3XL
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The Tucking Tanga Highwaisted

The Tucking Tanga Highwaisted is a gender-affirming tucking thong that hugs your body in all the right places. It flattens the penis for a smooth and sleek tuck and a stylish appearance. The thick elastic waistband shapes the waist for an alluring figure. You no longer have to worry about using a gaff while wanting to wear your favorite undies: this item combines them! The Tucking Tanga Highwaisted is also available in a stylish black variation. 

Key features:

  • A cheeky fit that shows off your buttocks
  • A high-waist fit and thick elastic waistband for an hourglass silhouette
  • A wide gusset to accommodate and safely tuck the penis
  • Made from breathable compression fabric for a safe and effective tuck
  • For daily use or in the water
  • Available from XS to 6XL
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The Signature Tucking Bikini Brief

For those who prefer a more covered-up attire, the Signature Tucking Bikini Brief will give you the safety you’re looking for, while also showing off your style. The Signature Tucking Bikini Brief is a pair of tucking bottoms that  create a sleek tuck without feeling uncomfortable. This slip can be worn as a regular slip, but also function as bikini bottoms! This beauty is also available in black. 

Key features:

  • Full-coverage, low-waist fit for a secure feeling
  • Thick elastic waistband for a sporty look
  • Made from breathable compression fabric for a safe and effective tuck
  • A wide gusset for comfortable tucking 
  • Available in 134/140 to 6XL in leopard, and 134/140 to 8XL in black.
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The One Piece Zipper

For your all-in-one Leopard look, the One Piece Zipper is your best bet! This bathing suit will create a firm tuck, will shape your waistline and has a cheeky fit. You can wear the One Piece Zipper during a beach day, or as a regular bodysuit for your daily activities! This suit features a zipper on the back to make it easier to get into. 

Key features:

  • A high neckline and a cheeky cut
  • With separate space for breast prosthetics
  • Made from breathable compression fabric for a safe and effective tuck
  • A wide gusset for comfortable tucking
  • Zipper on the back for easy access
  • Available in XS to 6XL
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The Athletic Binder

The Athletic Binder is a dynamic compression top designed for active wear with adjustable straps for a personalized fit and a flat chest. The innovative adjustable straps are positioned away from the neck to avoid any negative sensory experiences. The breathable mesh panel at the front of the binder gives the binder a sporty appeal. This binder is great for everyday wear, but also makes you feel affirmed during your workout! Please note that this binder isn’t as suitable for larger chested individuals. 

Key features:

  • Wide-set, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Sporty mesh panel at the front for an eye-catching appearance
  • Thick elastic waistband to keep it securely in place
  • Made from 4-way stretch material for safe and secure binding
  • Available in XS to 3XL
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The Boardshorts

The Boardshorts are a pair of swimming shorts with pockets and a mesh inner brief. This inner brief has a separate pouch that keeps your packer securely in place, no matter how many waves you catch. People with bottom growth can use these swimming shorts without discomfort. Made with soft, durable fabric that handles sunshine, chlorine, and salt water.

Key features:

  • Mesh inner brief
  • Separate pouch for your packer
  • Soft material
  • Pockets and a drawstring
  • Available in XS to 8XL
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Transfemme focus

After hearing the calls from our community for more trans femme-oriented products, we set out to create the best and boldest items we could. Each piece has been meticulously designed and tailored to suit bodies assigned male at birth (AMAB), ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit that celebrates and enhances your body shape! Of course we also made sure to cater to AFAB audience by including a binder and swimming shorts.

Our dedication to inclusivity didn't stop there. Through numerous fittings conducted on a diverse array of body types, we honed in on every detail to achieve the ultimate fit. These fittings not only allowed us to fine-tune the measurements but also provided invaluable insights into the unique needs and preferences of our community. With each iteration, we strived for excellence, ensuring that every garment in our collection embodies the essence of confidence, empowerment, and self-expression.