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Tucking Swimwear Guide for Trans Women and Transfemme Individuals

Discover our range of swimwear options for trans women and transfeminine individuals. From gaffs to gender-neutral bathing suits, keep reading to find the perfect fit for tucking and expressing your true self while splashing around in the water! We understand the importance of feeling comfortable and confident while enjoying water activities. This is why UNTAG designs a range of trans swimwear options, including gaffs, gender-neutral bathing suits, and tucking bikinis designed for trans women. Let's dive in!

Tucking Swimwear Options & Non Binary Swimwear:

UNTAG offers a range of swimwear specially designed to accommodate tucking and promote comfort. There are bathing suits or different styles of bikini's that can help you tuck - with different types of coverage on the back side. Explore our gender-neutral bathing suits, versatile swimsuits, and trans bikini options, allowing you to express your true self with confidence. 

Gaff Swimwear:

Lots of transfemme individuals enjoy tucking gaff swimwear, which combines the functionality of tucking with our stylish and classic designs. Our swimsuits and bikinis feature built-in support to maintain a smooth appearance of your pelvic area, and can be a comfortable and gender affirming solution for trans women and transfemme individuals. A gaff bikini can be a great option for those who don't want to wear trans tape in the water. 

MTF Swimwear:

UNTAG aims to make MTF swimwear options that cater specifically to the needs of trans women. Our nonbinary swimsuit is designed to provide support and enhance your feminine silhouette, allowing you to enjoy your time in the water with peace of mind.

By mastering effective tucking techniques, knowing how to penis tuck, and choosing swimwear designed for your needs, you can feel confident and comfortable while enjoying water activities. Embrace your authentic self with swimwear options that cater to trans women and transfemme individuals, such as gaffs, gender-neutral bathing suits, and transgender bikini styles. It's time to dive in and embrace the joy of being you!